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Pages: 72-82
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Quality of worklife of pharmacists in the Philippines: a descriptive, correlational study

Author: Jillian B. Danganan, Zadkiel F. Velasquez, Kim Michelle P. Guinto, Mac Ardy J. Gloria

Category: Pharmacy


Quality of worklife (QWL) is a multi-dimensional construct that relates with an individual's life. It influences the quality of care, treatment outcomes, health expenses, and public safety. This study aimed to assess the quality of worklife of pharmacists in the Philippines, in terms of the following dimensions: stress in the work environment, control in the work environment, job satisfaction, professional commitment, work-home conflict, and organizational commitment. It employed a descriptive, correlational design. Stratified random sampling was conducted on members of the Philippine Pharmacists Association (PPhA). From the 2,476 contacted, 321 (13.0%) participants responded. Of these, 292 provided usable responses. Results showed that respondent-pharmacists were not too stressful in the work environment, and they have moderate control over it. Positive responses were also revealed for job satisfaction, professional commitment and organizational comment. However, negative response was found for work-home conflict. Stress correlated negatively with professional commitment, and positively with work-home conflict. Control correlated negatively with work-home conflict, and positively with satisfaction, professional and organizational commitment. Satisfaction correlated positively with professional and organizational commitment. Professional commitment correlated negatively with workhome conflict, and positively with organizational commitment. Lastly, work-home conflict was negatively correlated with organizational commitment. The study also revealed significant differences in the mean dimension scores, which were attributed to demographic and work-related variables. Nevertheless, the key findings from this study should be used with caution considering the limitations when it had been implemented.

Keywords: quality of worklife, pharmacists, stress, organizational involvement, workhome conflict