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How to help first-year pharmacy students to gain the big picture  Short Communication 

Defang Ouyang
School of Life and Health Sciences, Aston University, United Kingdom, B4 7ET


    Many first-year students arrive at college unprepared. To improve their professional awareness and give the big picture of whole M. Pharm. program to first-year pharmacy students, a professional development course was introduced to 150 students in 2012. Students responses between pre-test and post-test were compared to assess the influence of the professional development course. The results showed the professional development courses had a positive impact on first-year students. Thus, a new teaching method has successfully developed to improve first-year pharmacy students attitudes toward to the role of the pharmacists and learning motivation in M. Pharm. program. This inter-disciplinary course also provides a model to other pharmacy programs in the UK and the world.  


1 professional development
2 big picture
3 pharmacy program
4 pre-test post-test

Published in

JAASP Volume 1 No. 4
October - December, 2012

Page: 194-202

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