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You are cordially invited to publish your paper in JAASP which is the official journal of the Asian Association of Schools of Pharmacy (AASP), a nonprofit, international organization representing pharmaceutical education in Asia-Pacific.

The AASP mission is to serve its member schools and their respective faculties by acting as their advocate and spokesperson at the international level, by providing forums for interaction and exchange of information among its members, by recognizing outstanding performance among its member educators, and by assisting member schools in meeting their mission of educating and training pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. The main objective of JAASP is to..  Read more

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Volume 5 , No. 1

ISSN: 2286-6493
Working With Older People - A Rich Learning Opportunity for Pharmacists
Factors Influencing Prescribing of Statins in Singapore Compared to Queensland, Australia
The Prescribing Pattern of Proton Pump Inhibitors by Non-gastroenterologists in a Tertiary Teaching Hospital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Formulation of Hand Sanitizer Gel using the Semi-Purified Flavonoids from the outer coverings of the Red Creole variety of Allium cepa Linn.: A preliminary investigation
Hypolipidemic Effect of the Lyophilized Fruit Pulp of Guyabano, Annona Muricata Linn. (Fam. Annonaceae) in Atherogenic Diet-Induced Hyperlipidemia in Albino Rats
Formulation and Characterization of Polyherbal Cream for Skin Manifestations
Effectiveness of Junior Faculty Mentoring Relationships in the Colleges of Pharmacy in Metro Manila, Philippines
Student Perceptions on Factors Affecting Academic Performance in a Tertiary Institution in Manila, Philippines
Philippine Pharmacists Licensure Examination (PPLE) Score Indicators: A Cebu School Experience
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