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Student Perceptions on Factors Affecting Academic Performance in a Tertiary Institution in Manila, Philippines
Ma. Lourdes S. Balatbat and Vina Rose A. Dahilig
Evaluation of how the students perceive the factors that affect their own academic performance is important to ensure that the learning goals of any college program are met. Such self-perceptions may guide educators in choosing interventions that need to be implemented to ensure academic success. This study was conducted to identify students´ perceptions on the factors affecting academic performance. The study utilized a survey instrument administered to all 108 students enrolled in the BS Pharmacy program. The mean age of the respondents was 19.82±0.18. Majority were female (78.07 %). The students ranked highest on academic competence (4.11±0.49) and strategic studying 3.93±0.94. The lowest scores were on the test anxiety (3.11±0.51) and test competence (3.125±0.25) domains. The results indicate that while the students use strategic studying techniques and can, to some degree, manage the Pharmacy course load, their academic success is hampered by poor test-taking skills. Educators may explore test counselling to help improve academic performance.
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