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Formulation and Characterization of Polyherbal Cream for Skin Manifestations
Ravi Shankar1, Babita Sarangi, Ramesh Gupta, Kamla Pathak*
Present study was aimed to formulate a stable w/o herbal cream wherein light liquid paraffin constituted the oily phase and Aloe vera gel and turmeric extract were incorporated in the aqueous phase and were mixed together with continuous stirring to form a homogeneous polyherbal cream. The cream was evaluated for a spectrum of pharmaceutical parameters namely viscosity, spreadability, rheology, electrical conductivity, pH and stability. The viscosity of the cream was 11000 cps at 100 rpm that upsided to 64000 cps at 10 rpm. The spreadability coefficient was 18.89 ± 1.11 suggesting easy spreading and without grittiness. The formulation was physically stable for the test period of 8 weeks that was confirmed by the color, phase separation, liquefaction evaluation and electrical conductivity test. The cream possessed significant antibacterial activity (P< 0.05) against most of the skin disease causing microbes. It also displayed anti-inflammatory activity in carragenan induced paw oedema model in rats. Thus the present research concluded that the herbal cream can be effectively used to treat common dermatological problems that lead to local infection and inflammation.
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