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Topical anti-inflammatory of a gel containing combined natural extracts
Vassana Netweera, Nanthiya Wongsangta, Pramote Mahakunakorn, Wilairat Leeanansaksiri, Suthasinee Thapphasaraphong and Supatra Porasupatana
A gel contained natural extracts, composed of an endonuclease from Micrococcus lutues and extracts from echinacea, licorice root, Centella asiatica, algae and cucumber with hyaluronic acid added, was assessed on its anti-inflammatory effect. In vitro permeation was tested through excised porcine skin using Franz diffusion cells, showed relatively high total phenolic compounds permeation at 12 and 14 h. The gel was none-to-low cytotoxic to human forehead fibroblasts. SDS-PAGE identified a band of collagen type 1 at 250 kDa in which the test gel exposed to the cultured cells also showed the same band. Croton oil-induced ear edema and tail flick tests in ICR mice showed similar anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of the test gel to piroxicam gel and hydrocortisone cream during 2-4 h with a reduced effect of the test gel at 6 h. In conclusion, a gel containing combined natural extracts exhibited potentials for anti-inflammation.
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