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Iron chelating activity of Pyoverdin PaII and pseudobactin 589 siderophores with plasma iron
Saengrawee Sutthiparinyanont1 and Chalerm Ruangviriyachai
Two kinds of siderophores produced from two bacterial species, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and P. putida, called pyoverdin PaII (pvd-PaII) and pseudobactin 589 (psdb-589), respectively. Both of them were investigated for their iron scavenging effects upon plasma iron and compared with commercial iron chelator named esferoxamine B (DFO-B) by malondialdehyde-2-thiobarbituric acid assay (MDA-TBA assay). These siderophores were produced by the optimized conditions using 6% sucrose, 0.4% L-asparagine and K2HPO4 with the incubation temperature at 25C. They were isolated and purified by Amberlite XAD-4 and Bio-Gel P-2 columns. Each of siderphore-iron complexes was at the ratio of 1:1. The content of iron in plasma sample determined by atomic absorption spectro-photometer was in the range of 0.81- 1.68 ?g/ml. The iron scavenge was represented by the reduction of lipid peroxidation in plasma measured by MDA-TBA content. At the concentration of 35.8 ?M of 3 iron chelating agents, DFO-B, pvd-PaII and psdb-589, could reduce the average lipid peroxidation in plasma (n = 6) by 11.2, 27.0 and 29.4%, respectively. The reduction of plasma MDA compared between pvd-PaII and psdb-589 or pvd-PaII and DFO-B was not significantly different (p > 0.05). It can be concluded that the biological iron chelator of siderophore especially psdb-589 reveals capability to reduce iron which is the cause of lipid peroxidation in plasma.
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Iron chelating activity of Pyoverdin PaII and pseudobactin 589 siderophores with plasma iron

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