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Values of leftover drugs in households: preliminary study in 5 major Thai cities
Cha-oncin Sooksriwong, Chanchai Jarupas, Dujrudee Chinawong, Sakon Supakul, Chanutta Ploylermsang, Korn Sornlumlertwanich, and Sunchai Janto
An investigation on items, types, sources and values of drugs found in households distributed in 5 major cities in 4 regions of Thailand: Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Mahasarakham and Songkla. A structured questionaire was developed for use while surveying 357 households during January and March 2011. Sixty-six percent of the total drugs were routinely used while 25% being in-home storage and 9% being rarely or unused. The majority of the drugs was obtained from public hospitals (64%) or private hospitals (8%) or drug stores (23%) that were paid under reimbursable schemes. The highest cost among the routine drug group was dyslipidaemic drugs (36%), whereas that among the in-home storage drugs being antacids (28%) and that among the unused drugs being NSAIDs (22%). Expired and deteriorated drugs were found to be 3.7 and 2.0%, respectively. Thus, minimal household storage of drugs may reduce drug waste, minimize national drug expenses and avoid hazards due to deteriorated drugs.
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