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Comparison of nitrate content in soils of vegetable farms in Tehran
Parisa Ziarati
Nitrate is found naturally in foods and at high concentrations in certain vegetables. Nitrogen is the main limiting factor for most field crops, and nitrate is the major form of nitrogen absorbed by crop plants. Farmers often use nitrogen fertilizers to increase crop yields. Nitrate itself is relatively non-toxic but its metabolites may produce a number of health effects. In the South of Tehran, farmers there use rather high amounts of fertilizers than they should. Such high use may be due either to their ignorance or their needs to get quicker production when prices of the products in markets are high. The goal of this survey was to demonstrate the effects of environmental factors such as soil quality as well as the effect of farming practices, fertilizer types and amounts on nitrate content in some kinds of cultivated vegetables by which lettuce and spinach were chosen. The study was conducted in five conventional and greenhouse farms in the south of Tehran during winter, spring and summer 2011. One-hundred fifty lettuce and 60 spinach plants from 2 to 6 locations were sampled. A pair of conventional and greenhouse fields that have been managed by the same grower was selected to compare the effect of farming practices on nitrate content in Romania lettuce. On the other hand, 3 farms compare with each other due to the kind of fertilizers using. All fields are located in the south of Tehran, Baghershahr and Share-ray. The results from the survey in greenhouse spinach fields showed that not only the kind of greenhouse applied fertilizers but also soil characteristics can significantly affect nitrate levels in plants. Grown spinach using cow manure tended to have higher nitrate than grown spinach using compost.
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