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Comparison of incidences of diabetes and hypertension in primary care units
Phayom Sookaneknun, Taraya Pankhoomkao, Bussaba Thowanna and Supaluk Janhan
Screening people who are at risk of chronic diseases have been recently assigned to primary care units (PCUs). Incidences of prediabetes and prehypertension, at-risk clients and new patients with 2- year follow-up between 2008 and 2009 by retrieving the electronic database from 2 PCUs in the same province. Of 548 and 218 people who were monitored for blood sugar, the density incidence of the new patients was 2.2 and 0.0 per 100 persons-year. The at-risk diabetes clients who remained at risk were 49.8 and 48.4 per 100 persons per year. The prediabetes clients who were at risk was 32.2 and 50.7 per 100 persons-year at PCU1 and PCU2 respectively. Of 555 and 241 hypertension-monitored cases from PCU1 and PCU2, the density incidences for the new hypertensive patients were 3.7 and 0.0 per 100 persons-year, respectively. The at-risk hypertensive clients who remained at-risk after follow-up was 26.9 and 33.3 per 100 persons per year at PCU1 and PCU2, respectively. The pre-hypertension clients who were at risk were 13.7 and 6.3 per 100 persons per year at PCU1 and PCU2, respectively. The overall loss at the second follow-up in diabetes was 45.1 and 33.0% at PCU1 and PCU2, and in hypertension was 42.3 and 37.3%, respectively. It can be concluded that the incidence of the at-risk, prediabetes and prehypertension clients was high with a low rate at the second follow-up in both PCUs. Continuous monitoring for life style modification should be strongly supported with a local collaborative network. Prospective evaluation is unavoidably needed.
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