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Centennial pharmacy education in Thailand
Petcharat Pongcharoensuk and Sompol Prakongpan
Pharmacy education in Thailand has undergone
changes since founded in 1888.
Several contextual influences on changes in
health care system globally and internal
constraints from simultaneous changes in
education system and pharmacy professional
practice result in the lack of long-term
strategies for reasonable implementation.
Pharmacy curriculum change has profoundly
affected the quantity and quality of pharmacy
workforce as well as the practice of pharmacy
in Thailand. By 2014, the centennial
pharmacy education will be celebrated in
Thailand. During the time, there has been
development of the curriculum to suit the
changing role of pharmacists in this country.
The present article is to review the current
status and gather the external and internal
factors affecting Thai pharmacy education for
development towards Asean Economic
Community (AEC) by 2014.
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